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In Focus

The weirdest thing happened recently...

I came into the Sun office and prepared for the day, getting my laptop set up, starting the coffeepot and doing the usual.

Then I suddenly noticed something was missing from the bathroom. My small trash can was completely gone. Strange...I thought to myself.

I checked around the office thinking it got moved when our pressman came to organize the newspaper stacks while I was out. Nope, no trash can to be found.

Things just kept getting stranger as the day went on.

At one point, I glanced in the hallway and saw the painting tray and painting supplies were gone. No biggie. Maybe the owner of the building took them out?

The pressman stopped in during his paper route and brought me a new trash can. I asked him what happened to the other one, and he said it was gone when he came in to work on the newspaper stacks.

A short time later, I went to check the mail and noticed our wooden newspaper rack, that usually sat in the office, was gone. Again, I thought maybe our pressman brought it back to the main office.

I ran out of paper towels and opened the cabinet for another roll when I noticed they were also all gone. All the toilet paper was gone and my bottle of cleaner...all had disappeared.

Okay, now this was getting weird.

I called the owner of the building and asked him if he had moved anything or disposed of it. He had not and was concerned that someone was getting into the building and taking things. Well, that is concerning. I checked all the doors and they were locked. There were no signs of forced entry.

This was just getting weirder and weirder...

As the day was coming to a close, I went to wash my coffeepot, but guess what...the sponges and dish soap were also gone. Really?

At least they had the decency to leave my hand soap and the toilet paper on the roll.

What I don’t understand is why someone would take such an array of miscellaneous stuff with little value. Is somebody just messing with me?

So, if by chance you have heard of anything going on, please let us know.


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