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In Focus

Can we just end this nonsense of Daylight Savings time?

We all hate it, and it serves no purpose anymore. Who likes it when it is dark at 5 p.m.? Not anyone I know!

I bet the hunters would have loved that extra hour of daylight. Or what about those who work inside all day who only see sunlight during the summer?

Lack of sunlight can make depression worse and taking extra vitamin D only goes so far.

It doesn’t make sense at all to continue to change the time in the spring and the fall, and it just takes away a little shred of happiness we get during the cold, dead season. It seems like every time legislation is introduced to revoke daylight savings, it never passes. Daylight time changes gradually with the seasons on its own, we don’t need to interfere.

It also takes me longer to get the Christmas light show set up, because it seems the minute I get outside to work, it gets dark so quickly. I have a few pieces that need to be cleaned up and repaired and some programming to do, but we should be ready to go in time for Thanksgiving. Granted, the weather is still great so at least I’m not fighting the elements as well. I just need daylight to get some of it done.

The lack of daylight will soon kickoff my winter sport of video games, and there are some new releases coming I am very excited for. I do see a long weekend of playing video games in my future.

Yes, I will take time off from my regular routine work around the house just to play a video game. With a previous new release, I was up for almost four days straight with only naps in between, because I was so excited for the game. But that won’t happen again until after the holidays and I reclaim some sanity from the busy season.

But my point would really help to have a few more daylight hours!

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