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In Focus

Things I have learned while working from home:

The cats will always find a way to “assist” me while I work.

Pajamas can be worn all day.

Attending meetings online is so much more convenient than going in person.

Food is always nearby...this may be a downfall.

I can listen to whatever music I like without irritating co-workers.

Naps can be taken...when needed.

Sleeping in is nice.

I have been saving money on gas. The car is used about once a week.

I am less tired when I am done working for the day.

I can work from my deck and enjoy the weather!

If nobody is going to see me I don’t need to put on makeup.

I am less stressed.

There are less distractions.

Working from home has been great! But I do miss the office and seeing my co-workers as well as having a little separation of work and home.

It seems everything has blended together. If I have nothing to work on, which is seldom, I can do stuff around the house while I wait. I finally painted my home office since I am in it every day now, but I do miss having a change of scenery and having that drive home to decompress from the day. While it’s nice to have weekends to myself, there is also some boredom as there are no events that would typically happen this time of year. I have had more time to work on my lightshow.

I am conflicted. If we ever get back to a sense of normalcy, would I work more from home or at the office? Maybe a mix of both? Who knows, it’s too soon to tell. All I can say is that it has not it’s been a bad experience!



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