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In Focus

Every July my dad’s side of the family gathers for a family vacation. I am the second oldest of 19 grandchildren if that gives you an idea of how many people would be attending this gathering.

They always pick a different place to congregate. The only family reunion I have attended, probably 10 years ago, was in Paducah, Kentucky, and we had a great time. This year my grandmother’s wish was for everyone attending to take a new family photo...then the pandemic set in.

I thought for sure this vacation would be cancelled. Most of the family lives in Ohio and Michigan, but others, like myself, live elsewhere. Most are within driving distance, and I am one of the few who would have to fly in.

A couple of months ago the family started meeting on Zoom every Saturday just to catch up and say “hi” because of the distance and concerns about the pandemic. It was during one of these calls that we received the news that the campground in Michigan, that we planned on staying at, had re-opened and our vacation was still on. Everyone was on board with making this happen, despite the pandemic.

I fly out this weekend.

This past week, however, everyone started sharing concerns about the family gathering. They discussed staying out of each others cabins, wearing masks, and the nightly communal dining was also in question. Instead of families teaming up to make dinner, it was suggested everyone make their own and still maybe sit somewhat together.

It made me question why they pushed to make this vacation happen if everyone’s concerned about actually gathering?

I was under the impression everyone was aware of the risks and they were fine with it. I guess not. I’m immune compromised and will be going through two airports to get there. Now I wonder if they will be wary about getting too close to me or anyone else in the group that has traveled from a distance. I’m already concerned about how this family vacation will turn out if everyone is now afraid to be near each other, and I haven’t even left yet.

Of course I am concerned for my grandparents and other immune compromised family members, but I don’t want to spend the entire time tip toeing around and shouting at each other from our own cabins to keep our social distancing.

Maybe I should buy a biohazard suit.

Wish me luck...



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