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In Focus

I love Halloween. It is my favorite time of the year.

I love all things spooky and I have always loved skulls. There are skulls dabbled around my house all year round, especially in my room. I love costumes and creative makeup. I can spend hours painting my face to look like a tiger or a zombie. It’s just so much fun!

But with the pandemic looming, I am fearful of Halloween getting canceled. I know it’s barely September, but it will be here before we know it.

I would think that traditional trick-or-treating would be okay, but I know the candy itself can be worrisome. There are precautionary things we can do to avoid having an issue with treats such as wearing gloves when doling out candy, prepackaging it into treat bags, or using salad tongs to hand them out. I also know that some homes may not be up to the idea of kids coming to their doorstep or having to open the door to their residence. Maybe they could leave treat bags on the deck or set up a cute display area outside for the little goblins to grab their goodies.

Also, I’m sure some of the events typically held that day won’t be happening this year.

I don’t want the kids to lose another holiday, another event due to circumstances out of their control. I am hoping they can have one night to have fun and forget about the craziness going on in the world today.

I recently spoke on the phone with a friend and fellow Halloween enthusiast and we came up with an idea. Trunk or treat. Yes, I know these have been around for years, but that may be the answer for some Halloween fun this year. Cars can easily be spaced apart and take advantage of our main streets or large parking lots to dole out candy and goodies and let the kids parade through in their costumes. It sounds like a good idea to me!

It’s just some food for thought as the spooky season approaches. I know either porch light will be on.

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