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In Focus

I love the fall. I love the colors of the season and, of course, Halloween. I remember the first time I saw the leaves change color when I moved here. I had never seen anything like it except in movies.

While I may not be a fan of the cold, I do enjoy the changing of the seasons. That didn’t happen in California. Sure, it may get chilly there, but the leaves didn’t change. The only indicator of fall in California was school starting and people decorating their yards.

I was happy to open my front door this weekend and see that a ton of leaves had fallen overnight, blanketing the yard and sidewalk. It was very pretty! And it also helped to hide the extension cords running all over the front yard from my light show.

Leaves had fallen all over the backyard as well. I almost didn’t mow because it was so pretty. At least I can keep the leaf litter in the front yard. There is no way that is getting mowed until November with my light show all set up! Plus the slightly long and unkept grass just adds to the Halloween vibes. It took us two days to set that stuff up, it’s not moving until the holiday is over!

I still need to take a scenic drive somewhere and enjoy the foliage before it’s gone. I just wish it would last longer. It seems the minute it rains and the wind blows, it’s all gone in one night. It just doesn’t seem fair we get maybe a month of changing colors and six-plus months of cold, white scenery.

Guess we just better enjoy fall while it lasts.



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