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In Focus

Ahhh spring. The grass is greening up and buds are on the trees. But...we also have to deal with the debilitating amount of pollen.

I have allergies and spring just about kills me. I love waking up in the morning with the pollen alert being high. With spring, comes spring cleaning. Of course, I die in the process, but it’s worth it in the end. I’ve even purged my basement and cleaned up the holiday decor storage room. That was a project and then some.

I have been in my house for three years now. And I have no idea if and when the ducts in the house had been cleaned before then. With my allergies, pets and smokers in the house, I know they need a cleaning. Of course, the minute I think about it, I see an advertisement pop up on my social media through a swap and shop site.

These people were offering a good deal so I figured what’s the harm? I set up an appointment and then the day came, but they didn’t. The next day I received a message apologizing and explaining that the technician’s wife had gone into labor that day...which is completely understandable. And they offered to reschedule. I was curious and went back to the direct messages on my social media between myself and the rep I had spoken with. It was odd because her side of the messages was gone and her profile was non-existent. That seemed very strange to me.

I had inquired about this company on one of the swap and shop sites, asking if anyone had used them? I received two very different answers...yes they were great, and no it’s a scam. Well, I never paid anything upfront, but it just felt off to me. So I thought it best to not reschedule with them and look elsewhere.

While I wasn’t scammed, it just goes to show you still need to be careful when using the swap and shop sites. And be cautious if someone wants payment upfront. Do your research, especially if you have never heard of the company before. Companies like DJs, photographers and venues often ask for a deposit, which is completely normal. Just make sure to get a receipt. And screenshot conversations discussing the purchase.

If something feels off, it just may be. Just be careful shopping on these sites.

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