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In Focus

It’s that time again!

Time to set up for the Fourth of July light show!

I have some of the lights and lighted decor outside already as I decorated for Memorial Day. But it has been way too hot to be outside for long periods of time. I worked on it over the weekend and hopefully it will be ready to go by June 18. I will run the show through the Fourth of July weekend.

I have some new items I am excited to try out. I have two different kinds of fireworks lights and seven new stars. The layout will be similar to last year, but the entire show has been revamped with a few new songs. And the patriotic tree will have more stars as well. The light show will be very “red, white and blue”.

We will be accepting monetary donations which will go to the Bertha Community Food Shelf.

If this year’s Fourth of July holiday is anything like last year, I am excited to see the neighborhood filled with fireworks. We had some small ones last year during the show that went over well. We may try to do that again this year. Watch the Hewitt Holiday House Facebook page for details.

I am also, finally, working on a YouTube page for the Hewitt Holiday House. I am uploading all the videos from the Fourth of July, Christmas and Halloween shows from last year.

I have been working on Halloween and Christmas for the upcoming seasons. The layouts have been changed a bit and I have a few new surprises. I am hoping to get my hands on a 12-foot skeleton for this year...

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