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In Focus

The past few weeks I have been pet sitting for some friends while they are on vacation.

I spent my mornings feeding them, filling their water and playing with them. The two dogs and three cats are extremely friendly. The first time I met the cats, they were a little uncertain. Now they rotate sitting on my lap while I throw the ball for the dogs.

The dogs are adorable. One wants nothing more than some pets and for me to throw the ball. When she’s done playing fetch, she just goes and plops on the garage floor. The other dog I have started calling “fur rocket.” He’s very happy to see me in the morning and jumps for my face. I don’t like being licked. It takes him a bit to calm down and go roll in the grass while the other one runs for the ball. I’ve tried to play fetch with him, but he’s more interested in belly rubs and eating grass. He does like to steal the ball from the other dog which turns into this hilarious tug-of-war between the two of them.

The cats come and go as they please. Sometimes they sneak up on me when I’m watering the veggies. One likes to wrap his paws around my leg then go roll in the dirt. It’s cute when all three are there and they follow me around the yard. It makes for some peaceful visits.

When I visit them in the evenings there is a lot of lounging in the grass, after more fetch is played. When it’s hot out, I’ve attempted to hose them down. They were having none of that.

They sure have been entertaining. I will miss that part of my morning routine. My own dog and cats will probably be happier with me because I won’t be coming home smelling of betrayal to them.


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