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In Focus

I believe the Christmas decorations in the yard are going to be there until spring...again this year.

This happened the first year I put together the light show but that was due to a thick layer of ice after a storm. There was no digging that out. While this season may not have seen that much ice, the immense amount of snow and the sub-zero temperatures are not going to allow me to take this stuff out of the yard.

The only items I am really concerned about are the inflatables. I attempted to dig them out on Saturday while we had a short break from the extreme cold. Out of the six that were still in the yard, I only managed to get three of them out. I will have to wait for another warm-up to try again, otherwise, the bases may break or the fabric may tear. I don’t want that to happen. Getting three of them out was backbreaking enough.

Then we decided to begin the process of taking down Christmas decorations on the inside of the house. Mind you, I put up about 10 fully decorated Christmas trees in various sizes. But I do have a process. I make piles of similar ornaments. Once the tree is fully stripped, then the ornaments get put away. That way all the same kinds are put together, and those that have boxes, once again easily find their homes.

I think it took us about seven hours to take everything down and put it away. Now my living room feels empty. It’s kind of depressing.

Needless to say, carrying totes and trees up and down the stairs made my body a bit sore. Oddly, my thumbs hurt and still hurt days later. I have no explanation for that one. Of course, I can’t figure out what my body is doing most of the time anyway. But, all the soreness is worth it in the end.

Now that the holidays are over, I will take a break from the light shows and get back to some household projects on my to-do list.



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