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Intense discussion leads to decision against four-day week

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Bertha-Hewitt School Board held a work session, followed by a special meeting, to discuss the application for the four-day school week.

On Wednesday, May 8, a special meeting was held, and in a 4-3 vote, the school board decided against the four-day week. The following day, a work session and special meeting were called for Monday, May 13.

On May 13, the media center was filled with staff and parents to observe as the board held the work session to discuss the four-day plan. They had been granted an extension until Tuesday to send in the application. 

Superintendent Eric Koep explained that he was sorry they didn’t have this work session before the last vote, and it was not unusual to revisit topics and decisions. 

“After months of research, a couple of weeks of input surveys, etc., on May 6, our administrative team decided that four days was in the best interest of our school district, and that’s why the public meeting that night was different,” explained Koep....



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