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“It’s just all gone . . .” Goulds lose horses, hay, tack, and more in barn fire

David and Tammy Gould held each other as they watched the firefighters attempt to put out the flames which took their barn, two horses, over 1000 bales of hay and a lot of tack and sentimental items.

by Karin L. Nauber

“It’s all just gone.”

Those were the words of the David Gould family of rural Browerville when a barn fire decimated most of their horse tack from show saddles and bridles to approximately 1000 bales of hay.

It also claimed the lives of two of the family’s horses—June Bug (Junior) and Zulu. They were David and Tammy’s eldest daughter Candra’s horses.

It is unknown what caused the fire. But that doesn’t stop the family from questioning it along with dealing with their emotions of losing not only sentimental items but also Candra’s “heart horse” Junior.

Someone knocking on their door in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, August 23 brought members of the David and Tammy Gould family of rural Browerville out of the house to the horror that awaited them.

“It was one of our Amish neighbors that came in and told dad the barn was on fire,” related Eliza, one of the Gould’s children.

David had taken Tammy’s new puppy outside to relieve herself around midnight and everything appeared okay. . .


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