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Justice for Rooster...Browerville man charged for killing a family's dog

by Trinity Gruenberg

A Clarissa family is mourning the loss of their three-year-old Labrador/German Short Hair cross dog named Rooster. He was killed by a hunter on November 6.

Rooster, a beloved pet of the Tony and Danielle Winkler family, loved the kids, Kianna,13, Elliana,12, and Caleb, 10.

Tony had taken their three children hunting the weekend of November 6 while his wife Danielle spent the weekend at home.

Danielle was awakened the morning of November 6 by the family dogs, Rooster and Letty, needing to be let outside. Danielle put Rooster on the tie-out as Letty doesn’t usually venture far from home at 9 a.m. That was the last time Rooster was seen alive.

In a few short minutes, Rooster managed to break free from the tie-out and headed into the woods.

Letty is a black dog and Rooster was white in color.

Danielle got into her vehicle to go look for the dogs and she also texted all her neighbors that she was looking for the dogs. . .



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