Keeping families well-fed for five years Food Pantry volunteers make this a possibility

by Karin L. Nauber

A steady stream of volunteers carry in boxes once the items are unloaded from the truck. The fellowship hall at the Eagle Bend Assemblies of God Church is packed with food monthly.

“One aspect of the pantry that keeps volunteers coming back, I believe, is the camaraderie. Yes, we are working hard, but at the same time joking around and enjoying one another’s company. Many bring along their children to help, as well. It’s such a great example of giving a little bit of yourself to help so many in the surrounding community,” said Marlo Benning, one of the many volunteers who work once a month to help, not only themselves, but others in their communities to have fresh produce and other foods.

“The organizers do such a great job at keeping the flow of food going, from unloading the truck to doing the math to see how much each share will receive. And, they are humble....if you compliment them, they will applaud the volunteers instead of taking any credit,” added Benning.

Cofounders Kristy Brown and Shari Peterson give a lot of credit to the other volunteers who help make the Living Bread Pantry a reality.

Living Bread Pantry celebrated its fifth year on October 19 at the Eagle Bend Assemblies of God Church where they have been hosted for the entirety of their mission.

At a very minimal fee, participants can “purchase” two totes of food which typically includes bread, produce and more.

Cofounders Kristy Brown and Shari Peterson took a few moments from their busy schedules to talk about the past five years along with the challenges and the triumphs. . . . .

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