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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is an annual commemoration in the United States that promotes victims’ rights and services. Since 1981, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is a time to renew our commitment to serving all victims of crime, to acknowledge the achievements in victim services and allied professions, to honor those who have gone above and beyond in their service to others, and to remember crime victims and survivors.

The exact date of the observance varies from year to year but it is always in the month of April. This year the week of April 24-30 is designated as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week or NCVRW.

The theme is “Rights, access, equity, for all victims”. The theme underscores the importance of helping crime survivors find their justice by enforcing victims’ rights, expanding access to services, and ensuring equity and inclusion for all.

Hands of Hope Resource Center provides services for general crime victims, and victims of physical, domestic, and sexual abuse. We offer educational presentations to our community, schools, and organizations through our Violence Prevention Program.

We offer support during law enforcement interviews, emergency room visits, and court hearings. We complete safety planning, assist with filing protection orders, victim’s reparations, and provide a 24-hour crisis line for residents of Morrison and Todd County affected by crime. Our door is open to any age, gender, race, or ethnic background.

Hands of Hope Resource Center is dedicated to supporting victims and survivors in the aftermath of crime, building trust among our clients, collaborating with other service providers, and engaging our community in response efforts.

Kimberly Cook

General Crime & Child Abuse Services Coordinator

Hands of Hope Resource Center



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