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Looking Back

25 Years Ago

January 11, 1995

Becky Ward and Aaron Smith, Bertha-Hewitt High School seniors, have been nominated for the Academics, Arts and Athletics Award, school athletic director, Bob Sieling, announced.


Mayor Tritsch on behalf of the Hewitt City Council thanked Les Buchholz for his many years serving on the council and for all his volunteer time spent serving the community of Hewitt. New to the council was Cliff Filbert, Monte Schweninger was reelected along with Mayor Tritsch.

75 Years Ago

January 11, 1945

Another item received many complimentary remarks that it would be a nice idea during this time of restricted gasoline rations, tires, and seating space on buses and trains that a bulletin board be placed where residents could post their names, if planning a trip to a neighboring town or even the Twin Cities, and if others wished this same trip, they could get together and pool the many scarce resources.


Information received from the Todd County War Bond Committee stated that Todd County went over the top in the Sixth War Bond Drive. The county quota was $650,000 and actual collections amounted to $695,686.



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