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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

September 10, 1997

Michael Frank Jr., son of Mike and Deb Frank of Bertha, was selected on August 26, 1997, out of a company of 500 men to be meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal for his outstanding performance as a United States Marine. Lance Corporal Frank is stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.


Bertha-Hewitt School Patrol: Ed Doezal, Kevin Trosen, Rebecca Wachlin, Michael Horn, Andrew Kimber, Anna Kleen, Courtney Stach, Christi Zimmerman, Maria Ervasti and Megan Klemek.

75 Years Ago

September 14, 1947

The first meeting of the Woman’s Club was held in the Congregational Church parlors. Allan Cornell played two piano solos and a saxophone quartet consisting of Barbara Sundquist, Carroll Hartung, Joanne Maine and Phyllis Bluhm delighted the club. The officers are: Mrs. L.W. Anderson, Mrs. Delight Beckman, Mrs. Ove Tangene, Mrs. C. Kelroy, Mrs. Clarence Johnston, Mrs. Eunice Bluhm, Mrs. L.H. Cary and Mrs. F. Dehnel.


The following were elected officers of the William Larson Post: Earl Leibold, commander; Kenneth Piere, vice-commander; Lawrence Nelson, adjutant; Armand Sagehorn, sergeant at arms; Ray Bergquist, service officer; Ryan Foster, treasurer; Reverend G. E. Hartz, chaplain; Melvin Lorentz, child welfare; and Doug Kapphahn, public relations.


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