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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

November 27, 1996

Joyce Moore, who owns and operates Joyce’s Pie Pantry in Bertha, doesn’t remember how many years she has been putting together a free community dinner. A few years ago Joyce and her friend Kathy King were sitting at the Pie Pantry and decided they didn’t want to have a traditional Thanksgiving and decided to share with the community. Kathy passed away earlier this year after an eight-year battle with cancer. Many have come to the Pie Pantry for Joyce’s birthday bringing cards, gifts and cake. Dinner will be served from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and there will be delivery for those who can’t make it.


The Bertha Memorial Community Hospital is being sold to the Bertha-Hewitt School after months of waiting for all the paperwork on the building to be complete. The school plans to get someone to do all the demolition removal of the debris from the property. The garage building on that property will be sold by the school. The plans are to move the school playground down to that area and to possibly make it into a picnic/park area.

75 Years Ago

November 28, 1946

Now, let us enjoy a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving in 1946. In our celebrating, however, let us not lose sight of the object behind the day and let’s be truly thankful for the rich blessing a kind providence has bestowed upon us as individuals and upon this community as a whole.


The junior class of Bertha High School presented its class play in the school auditorium. “Two Minutes To Go” is a football story that portrays the ups and downs of a football coach in a small Midwestern city. It was admirably adapted to the talents of high school students.

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