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Mama Marla’s virtual run in

The 19th Annual Mama Marla’s Hike It or Bike It event will be held virtually this year. Check out the story for more details. —photo from 2019’s event

Many people are questioning what can and cannot be done in our world. Can we play in a park? Can we hold a picnic with friends (while maintaining social distancing guidelines)? What can we do? Well, to dispel any confusion about the upcoming annual Mama Marla’s Hike It or Bike It event, Founder Marla Schnell gave the following information to friends and fans of the event. “Are you up for a challenge? Well, here’s one we hope you will consider doing with us!! “With all of the COVID-19 activity still happening, Mama Marla’s will take a different shape this year. “The in-person event that is scheduled for May 16 at the [United Methodist] church in Clotho, will NOT be held. But instead, we are going with a virtual event!! “We would love for you to still take a walk/run or bike ride on that day or any day that week and post a selfie on the newly created Facebook page, Mama Marla’s Hike It or Bike It.” If you are unfamiliar with Mama Marla’s event, she has been holding it for the past 18 years—this will be year 19—to raise funds to purchase Christmas presents for children in need in Todd County. . . .

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