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Distance Learning vs. Attending School

After having some time to experience distance learning, I’d like to elaborate on how it compares to being in school. Personally, I like the concept of distance learning better than having to participate in the classroom every day. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss the classroom time and having the ability to learn hands-on, in person, but I don’t really miss interacting with classmates. With distance learning we are required to attend one of two digital meetings each weekday. We also have a binder of classwork that we have to do, which we can do at our own pace. Digital work is rare because our classes are structured around our binders. I like this because it gives me the ability to work more because I’m not tied to a schedule other than the daily meetings. I attend the morning meetings every day so I’m rarely accompanied by other students. When I did attend school every day, I hung out with one or two of my classmates, but I generally worked on my schoolwork by myself. I am a loner which is my choice. Another reason I’m not a fan of going to school every day is because I’m not able to work as much. I’m tied to a schedule that takes up 30-35 hours of my week. With my job here at the news office, it doesn’t give me much time to work and complete tasks that I need to do every week. I don’t mind distance learning. In fact, I prefer it. I like being able to do all my schoolwork from home. I like being able to work at my own pace and in a place where I’m comfortable. That helps me to be more productive. Granted, I do miss being able to talk to the people I do communicate with on a daily basis at school, but I have that ability with social media, so that has not really been an issue either. I’m not tethered to a schedule with the distance learning. It is nice to have more freedom to get my schoolwork done and also be able to complete other job work that I normally wouldn’t have time for. It’s a little less stressful and worrisome for me. If we weren’t in a pandemic and I had the option to attend online classes three or four days a week and attend school one day a week, I’d do it in a heartbeat. In my opinion, this is easier than any school schedule I’ve ever had. I’d like to give you the opportunity to send in any questions you may have about distance learning. I would be happy to answer them, in my opinion, based on my experience so far. Questions can be sent to me via e-mail at


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