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I’d like to talk about a potentially controversial topic. What I’m about to say is merely my view on this own opinion. Viewer discretion is advised.

This week’s article is my view on racism. One could say our country was born with it, from Christopher Columbus to slavery to the Civil Rights movement. It was a lot more of a problem up until about 70 years ago. Yes, there are still racist people out there. I won’t disagree with that point or defend those people. You can argue that allegedly police target black people. Statistics show that nationwide, from 2017 onwards, at least 100 more white people than black people were killed by police. According to, exact numbers for each year up to 2020 are as follows:

2017: 457 white deaths, 223 black deaths, 179 Hispanic deaths and 128 others.

2018: 399 white, 209 black, 148 Hispanic and 240 others.

2019: 370 white, 235 black, 158 Hispanic and 241 others.

2020 as of the time this was written: 172 white, 88 black, 57 Hispanic and 112 others.

For clarification, the “other” category is ethnicities that are either less prominent or unknown by those who produced the reports. Any death is a tragedy, but how many white police related deaths do you hear of on the news? How many Hispanic deaths and what about the other ethnicities? I get that with as many deaths as there are per year, as the stats above show, that they can’t report on them all. But why is it that we only hear of black deaths?

In my opinion, they only report black deaths because that’s what instills anger in the hearts of the citizens. And allegedly it gets mainstream media potential ratings. I’m not saying all news media is like that. Look at what became of George Floyd’s death. People are destroying monuments, businesses and homes because of it. I understand the anger, and I don’t think his death was warranted, but the riots are not, and never were, warranted either. I can get behind peaceful protests, but people have gone too far by destroying their cities.

According to the statistics, there are more white police related deaths than black deaths, which makes me all lives really matter? I feel this is something I shouldn’t have to ponder. I’m a fresh high school graduate watching this entire country fall apart around me. I feel that every life should matter, no matter what color skin you have or where your family is from.

I won’t deny that I’m lucky to have had the upbringing that I have, but the way I see it is it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your nationality is, what color your skin is, your life should matter. Just because I’m white should not mean that my life is valued any more or any less than any other person on this Earth. I am not entitled to any special privileges. All people should be respected equally. Many historical figures have fought for equality in the past, so why does it feel like we are going backwards?

Racism is a problem because people bring it into situations between people of different ethnicities. Take police related black deaths for example. They should not be reported on the news as “white cop kills black man”. Ethnicity makes no difference.

This is my take on why racism is a problem in our day and age. I remind you that this is merely my opinion and you are entitled to your own views.

I’m always happy to hear your views on any topic I write about in my articles. If you would like to share your opinion on any given topic, please send an e-mail to and address it to me.


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