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I’d like to talk about a light-hearted article I found this week. This particular article is about the police, but it’s not what you’re probably assuming it is. It’s about two officers that got caught racing their Dodge Charger PPVs on a drag strip in Texas, completely legally. From what’s stated in the article, the only person upset by this is the officers’ commanding officer. The community and their colleagues thought it was great, stating “it’s awesome”. And quite frankly, I have to agree.

No matter what your views on the police are, I think we all should agree that this wholesome story shows that they are humans, too, just like you and I. Wearing a uniform does not dehumanize someone.

I think that things like this need to happen more often, with approval from the department to do so, of course, keeping regulations and safety in mind. The community rallied behind the officers. So do I. I believe that they shouldn’t be reprimanded for this. They were racing in a safe and legal environment. Honestly, I think that police officers should be allowed to have some fun every now and again.

I’m not saying this is right to do while on duty. They need to be responsible and do their jobs, but having fun isn’t a bad thing at all, even when it involves your job. The more a person enjoys their job, the more everyone else around them will enjoy a more pleasant environment. Happiness really can rub off on the entire workplace, and it makes your work more enjoyable as well.

I always have and always will have respect for police officers for their service and everything they do for our communities. There are good and bad apples in every community and every profession, but it’s the good apples that make living in any community or working at any job so much more enjoyable, and quite frankly, make these environments a better place for everyone else.


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