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Nationwide TikTok trend regarding school violence on Dec. 17

This week, a TikTok trend emerged regarding alleged threats to schools, including threats of shootings and bombings, specifically to occur tomorrow, December 17, 2021.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has made local law enforcement agencies around the state aware of this national threat circulating on social media and we wanted to ensure school administrators are aware as well. Both law enforcement officials and school administrators may experience an increase in related reporting.

As of Thursday morning, at least three schools in Minnesota have located similar threat reporting. However, local and state law enforcement have not identified the threat as credible at this time.

At this time, DPS is reporting that the origins of this threat remain unknown and there is no evidence to suggest that any mass causality or severe violence incidents will occur on this date, within Minnesota or the U.S. more broadly.

School administrators should immediately report any threats in your area to your local law enforcement agency and to DPS' Minnesota Fusion Center at Law enforcement officials will assess each perceived threat on a case-by-case basis for credibility and threat viability.

MDE is working with DPS as they monitor this situation and will provide additional updates if more information arises.

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