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PistolGrippin’ Gals inspire confidence in women

The smile says it all when the women met to shoot their handguns at Knob Hill and build confidence in their abilities handling a gun.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A group of gun-toting girls meets once a month for a little fun at a local shooting range while practicing safety and building confidence in their ability to handle a gun.

The group was formed in October after Brittney Ewert of Sebeka went to a shooting range in Brainerd with her husband, Abram, and another couple who wished to get out of the house and do something fun with friends while still social distancing.

Ewert’s friend, Tami, was less familiar with guns and shooting them than the rest of the group. The girls bonded over learning about handguns. Ewert taught her how to load the clip and other handgun related matters. Ewert greatly enjoyed the experience and came up with the idea to form an all-girls shooting group. . .


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