Poston meets with commissioners about bonding for transfer station

State Representative John Poston (far right) met with the Todd County Board of Commissioners among others to talk about bonding for the Transfer Station. Pictured with Poston from right are: Coordinator Chris Pelzer, Commissioner Randy Neumann, Commissioner Gary Kneisl, Commissioner Rod Erickson, Commissioner Barb Becker, Commissioner David Kircher, Transfer Station Supervisor Jeremy Clasemann, Solid Waste Director Chris McConn and Auditor/Treasurer Denise Gaida.

by Karin L. Nauber

“What is the total ask?” was the question that was on the minds of the Todd County Board of Commissioners when they met in a work session with State Representative John Poston.

The meeting was called to discuss the Todd County Solid Waste bonding project. In addition to the commissioners, other county representation was also present.

The discussion got to the point very quickly.

Poston said that he had talked with State Senator Paul Gazelka and that Gazelka is planning to carry the bill as one of his three priority projects.

This is good news, according to Poston, because Gazelka doesn’t usually do that.

He highlighted that the project is a good one because it involves infrastructure.

It is also a regional project and involves recycling and is the “kind of project the legislature has a hunger for now,” said Poston.

Poston said he wanted to know the “total ask,” how this will save money as they move forward and which counties will be affected by this.

“Let’s get them to be coauthors on this bill,” said Poston. . . .

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