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Primary Election results (Independent News Herald)

The Primary election held on Tuesday, August 11 saw low numbers of voter turnout. The city of Clarissa saw 63 voters of the 317 that are registered for an average of a 19% turnout. Pictured at top are two of Clarissa’s election judges Karin Nauber and City Administrator Jill Stalberger. Masks and shields were in place for the protection of the voters and judges.

Results of the August 11 Primary Election.

Votes for U.S. Presidential Nominee

Republican: Donald J. Trump, 137,275 votes; Write-in, 3280 votes.

Democratic-Farmer-Labor: Deval Patrick, 72 votes;Tom Steyer, 551 votes; Pete Buttigieg, 7616 votes; Amy Klobuchar, 41,530 votes; Julián Castro, 114 votes; John K. Delaney, 172 votes; Marianne Williamson, 226 votes; Bernie Sanders, 222,431 votes; Andrew Yang, 1749 votes; Elizabeth Warren, 114,674 votes; Tulsi Gabbard, 2504 votes; Michael R. Bloomberg, 61,882 votes; Joseph Biden, 287,553 votes; Uncommitted DFL, 2612; Cory Booker, 197; Michael Bennet, 315 votes.

State & Federal Results in

Congressional District 7

U.S. Senator

Legal Marijuana Now: Kevin O’Connor, 709 votes; Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis: Oliver Steinberg, 327 votes; Republican Candidate: Cynthia Gail, 3630 votes; Bob “Again” Carney Jr., 1861 votes; James Reibestein, 2198 votes; Jason Lewis, 30,621 votes; John L. Berman, 4715 votes. Democratic-Farmer-Labor: Christopher Lovell Seymore, Sr., 407 votes; Tina Smith, 30,118 votes; Ahmad R. Hassan, 781 votes; Paula Overby, 1817 votes; Steve Carlson, 2352 votes.

State Senator District 9

Republican Candidate: Paul Gazelka, 5822 votes; Richard Dahl, 1151 votes: Democratic-Farmer-Labor: A. John Peters, 2759 votes.

U.S. Representative District 7 (Todd County)

Legal Marijuana Now: Slater Johnson, 592 votes; Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis: Rae Hart Anderson, 215 votes; Kevin “NeSe” Shores, 104 votes: Republican Candidate: William Louwagie, 989 votes; Jayesun Israel Sherman, 757 votes; Noel Collis, 6747 votes; Dave Hughes, 9948 votes; Michelle Fischbach, 26,359 votes; Democratic-Farmer-Labor: Collin C. Peterson, 26,925 votes; Alycia R. Gruenhagen, 5,956 votes; Stephen A. Emery, 2734 votes.

U.S. Representative District 8 (Wadena County)

Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis Candidate: Judith Schwartzbacker, 540 votes; Republican Candidate: Pete Stauber, 39,060 votes; Harry Robb Welty, 2606 votes: Democratic-Farmer-Labor: Quinn Nystrom, 46,050 votes.

Wadena County Commissioner District 2

Rachel Johnson, 114 votes; Ralph Miller, 100 votes; Brian Hagen, 119 votes; Michael Weyer, 146 votes.



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