Ring Studios offers services that can help you get through these difficult times

Ring has professional recording equipment to make your video, commercial or whatever need you might have for your business or personal use.

by Karin L. Nauber karin@inhnews.com

“I haven’t run across anything that I can’t fix,” said Andrew Ring, founder and owner of Ring Studios in Long Prairie. When Ring makes that statement it isn’t meant to sound conceited, it is just that Ring knows a lot about computers and he can fix them. He has worked professionally on computers for the last four years, but he has been using and working on computers for most of his life. His first personal computer was one with Windows XP, but before that he was using his parents DOS computer.

Andrew Ring, founder of Ring Studios located in Long Prairie. Ring has been operating his video service for six years and his computer service for the past four years.

“I learned a lot about computers from my parents. I learned early on about best practices and taking care of a computer,” he shared. His list of services that he can perform for computers is lengthy from recommending a computer that will best meet your needs, to fixing your computer, to refurbishing and selling used computers. He can teach you programs and how to use them as well as help you become comfortable using the Windows 10 platform which makes some people nervous because of the changes. He can upgrade your computer to Windows 10. He can perform not only the upgrades, but also repair hardware problems on the computer. Often fixing a computer is a matter of a process of elimination on the “whys” of what could be wrong with it. . . . .

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