Students sent home as schools prepare for distance learning

On March 17, students donned their green for St. Patrick’s Day. Their green Verndale Pirates shirts meant something more that day as students cleaned out their lockers and jumped on the bus to go home for possibly the last time this school year. Teachers lined up outside with tears in their eyes as they waved goodbye to their beloved students far too soon as schools were ordered to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“One of the things a teacher never wants to see is her students crying (unless it is joyous crying which this wasn’t).  I have never felt so helpless as a teacher in my whole career. There was nothing I could say to make this situation better,” said Teacher Kelly Youngbauer.

"As the parent of a senior, it has been especially difficult for me.  I find myself breaking down into tears when I realize I may never see my youngest child truly "graduate" in a ceremony. I am also so disappointed that prom will probably not happen this year. So many kids around the country are missing out on iconic high school memories all because of this virus,” she added.

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