Swain’s goal is to make 10,000 ear savers

by Trinity Gruenberg


During the past few months many people have drug out their sewing machines, dusted them off and put them to good use. If they already were avid sewers, many have taken on new projects such as sewing masks and gowns to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karen Swain of rural Hewitt is not a sewer, but decided there was something she could do to contribute to the cause. She elected to make ear savers. She has shipped 7000 of them since she began in March and hopes to reach her goal of making 10,000.

The ear savers are six and a half inches long with ridges on each side to hold the strings of a mask instead of looping them over the ears.

Swain belongs to a group on Facebook for people who craft with Cricut cutting machines.

“I had seen the post about making them and I thought, you know, we could do that, and make a bunch and hand them out to the clinics,” said Swain.

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