TCHC Virtual Town Hall: Staying healthy in this uncertain time is important

by Trinity Gruenberg

Tri-County Health Care (TCHC) held a virtual town hall meeting on July 7 to discuss Covid-19 updates.

Chief Medical Officer Ben Hess shared, as of July 7, they have tested over 900 people. They’ve had 13 positives through TCHC with 30 tests still pending. There has been a total of 15 cases in Wadena County.

TCHC has been distributing masks throughout the community. They explained masks have to be worn over the mouth and nose and fit snugly against the cheeks.

“If you’re leaving your nose exposed, coronavirus infects the entire respiratory tract, that’s the mouth, the nose, the upper airway and the lungs. So, you’re really only protecting half of the openings if you don’t cover it,” explained Hess.

He discussed people’s concerns about carbon dioxide buildup in oxygen.

“The reality is, we’ve known this for a long time that masks are perfectly safe to wear for long periods of time, especially the kind that we’re handing out to the community. These are a t-shirt material quality. There’s plenty of airflow in and out. There’s no risk of carbon dioxide poisoning or lack of oxygen, even in very severe medical conditions,” noted Hess. . . .

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