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Ten-year mission of translating the Bible is complete

by Trinity Gruenberg

Reading God’s words is a vital part of religion but not everyone reads English.

Missionary Kermit Titrud, who is working in the Philippines, made it his mission to translate the Old Testament Bible into Tawbuid Oriental. It is one of the 100 languages found in the Philippines.

The people Titrud is trying to reach reside in the mountains of the island of Mindoro.

“Their language is very different than Filipino (the national language)–kind of like the difference between Greek and English. It has been a huge challenge for me in learning their language, partly due to my age but also mainly due to it being so different than the other languages I’m familiar with,” explained Titrud.

The translation was sponsored by OMF International, (formerly Overseas Missionary Fellowship). OMF is an international and interdenominational Christian missionary society.

OMF sponsored the translation but it was a collaboration between several agencies and team members coming from England, Switzerland and America with PhDs in Linguistics and Masters in Biblica Studies. . .



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