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The Center is for sale

The Senior Citizens Center in Eagle Bend, now sometimes simply known as The Center, is for sale.

by Karin L. Nauber

The Center is for sale. The Eagle Bend Senior Citizens Center that is.

According to The Center President Richard Hest, “Ever since the kitchen moved out, the income for the senior center has come no where near the expenses each month. We knew that would be true, but hoped to develop other income. With fewer people using senior centers all over the country, it was unlikely that we would be able to meet the budget.”

Hest said that at last year’s annual meeting they discussed the options and decided to give it one more year to redefine the budget.

“That said, we are still facing a deficit of over $500 per month which is coming out of our savings. This savings will hold us for another year to year and a half, but then it will be depleted,” said Hest.

At this year’s annual meeting, they discussed the possible sale of the building which would have to come to fruition for them to take that money and put toward some other site or idea. . . . .

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