“The need for blood is constant: ”Make an appointment today

by Trinity Gruenberg trinity@inhnews.com

Blood drives have been canceled across the region due to COVID-19. There is much concern because there is always a need for blood and the situation we are in has created a lack of donors. Sue Thesenga, external communications manager for the Red Cross, shared that 7000 blood drives have been canceled nationwide, including 238 in this region, which includes Minnesota. With the cancellations there have been 200,000 fewer donations, 7900 regionally, as of March 23. “It’s startling, for sure,” said Thesenga. “We’ve never felt this. They say it’s unprecedented. It is. We have never seen cancellations like this ever before. We’re in new territory.” They have been trying to find locations to hold blood drives and encourage healthy individuals to schedule an appointment. “We’ve seen an outpouring of support for this. Blood donors are really, really responding to this call to action,” she said. Some people are getting discouraged when looking to make an appointment and there are no locations nearby. But everyone is encouraged to please be patient and continue to pursue finding a new location and making an appointment. “We are going to continue to need blood donations in the coming weeks and the months ahead. The need for blood is constant. And that will help just as much as making a donation today so we want people to not get discouraged if they can’t find an immediate appointment,” explained Thesenga. Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. . . . .

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