The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes

George Washington reveals that he is Monte Moriarty, famed art thief, using the institute as a cover. He sent his stolen goods as gifts to the patient believing she was Queen Victoria and would store the items in the basement until it was time to sell them. The Verndale Drama Department presented their fall play—The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes— on November 1, 2 and 3. See more photos in our print edition or at

Sherlock Holmes (Garet Youngbauer) and Dr. Jane Watson (Aletha Stanley )were hired by a young H.G. Wells (Gabe Hinman) to locate a manuscript for a detective novel by Arthur Conan Doyle that Wells had misplaced.

The landlord came knocking to collect rent from Holmes and Watson and they hid in Wells’ time machine. After pressing a few buttons they end up in 2019, in Wells’ home that is now the Frudley Institute that treats patients with grandiose delusions.

Some of the patients believed they were President George Washington (Gage Minoletti), Queen Victoria (Lilli Ash), Lizzy Borden (Jaden Schwanke), Marylin Monroe (Mackenzie Kveton), Count Dracula (Myles Seals), Emily Dickinson (Breann Malone), Tarzan (Wayne Ball) and more. . . .

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