There is “snow” better time to read

For friends Jennifer Hess and Brittney Hauer, there is no better time of the year to read than during the Winter Reading Program at the Great River Regional Library/Eagle Bend Branch. While both women read all through the year, they hold a contest between the two of them to see who can read the most during the program. Hess’ favorite author is Jennifer Armentrout while Hauer prefers the writing of Terri Blackstock.

by Karin L. Nauber

The is “snow” better time to read and get a library card than from January 2 to February 29 at the Great River Regional Library/Eagle Bend Branch.

This is the time of the Winter Reading Program.

If you think “sitting around” reading books sounds boring, then you should talk with Jennifer Hess and Brittney Hauer.

They are two friends who turn the program into a contest not only between themselves, but also include Hess’ and Hauer’s kids. Hess and her husband have three children. Hauer and her husband have five.

“We competed last year with ourselves because it was a fun way to read more. We competed for a ‘husband’ night where the other person would get a night where she didn’t have to do anything like cook or do dishes,” said Hess.

During the course of the 54 days of the contest, Hess read a total of 43 books and Hauer read 44 books. These were regular size approximately 300 page books.

Hauer would have won, but she called a “truce” just before the program’s end.

“I was tired and wanted to go to bed,” said Hauer. . . .

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