Titrud makes it home to the states

Kermit Titrud working with another Bible translator. Titrud is home in the states now.

by Karin L. Nauber karin@inhnews.com

Kermit Titrud, who is a Bible translator, is from the Clarissa area, but he has spent most of his life overseas in the Philippines or other places abroad. Bible translation has been a full-time vocation for him and it is something he loves doing and does it well. Getting to the United States at the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a difficult matter for Titrud, however. With flights to the states being cancelled along with closures and shutdowns and shelter at home orders, Titrud wasn’t even sure he would make it to the states. His trust and absolute faith in God saw him through this peril of getting “home” safely. Read on for Titrud’s story told in his own words. My dear family in Clarissa, In my past update I mentioned I made it safe and sound to the farm countryside of central Minnesota, thanking our loving Father to the max. I’m now in self quarantine for two weeks making sure I don’t give anything to my dear wife who has chronic bronchiectasis or to my granddaughter Jordyn who has asthma problems. But I’m ok since I get to enjoy God’s creation on the farm and thanking my dear friend for letting me use the living quarters that are above his insurance offices in the small town of Eagle Bend. . . . .

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