Todd County Board of Commissioners: Approval of Expo building plans

The Watch Guard Bodyworn Camera is the type that the Todd County Sheriff’s Department will be using. The cameras will work with the in-squad camera as well. It records both voice and video and was implemented by February 7. The cameras attach by magnets to the shirt of the officer.

by Karin L. Nauber

A presentation by Dustin Thompson of Ringdahl Architects was followed by an approval from the Todd County Board of Commissioners to accept the construction plans and specifications and to move forward to the public bid phase for the much discussed Todd County Expo Building located at the fairgrounds.

The facilities committee has met with Ringdahl Architects multiple times in the development of construction plans and specifications for the proposed renovation of the building. The project scope, construction plans and specifications, and timelines were presented to the board for review and discussion.

If all goes well, the project is anticipated to begin in April and be completed before the Todd County Fair which takes place August 13-16 this year.

According to Thompson, the estimated cost of the work will be $825,000.

The only noticeable change from the outside will be the addition of three dormers, one of which will allow for safer movement of the Zamboni machine.

Commissioner Randy Neumann said that he wanted to let his constituents know that he was aware of the other building projects coming up and that he was looking out for the taxpayers. . . .

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