Todd County Board of Commissioners: Discussion on how to spend money from CARES Act funds

by Karin L. Nauber

There is quite a bit of money to be used within Todd County for COVID-19 related costs. Now it is just a matter of figuring out what they can spend the $2.98 million plus they have received.

The money is part of specific funding from the federal government and is part of the Coronavirus relief fund for states, counties, cities, townships and other municipalities.

Qualifying costs include a necessary expenditure related to the pandemic and cannot be anything that is already budgeted for.

The coverage period is a bit different for cities versus counties with cities being March 1- November 1 and counties from March 1 - December 30.

Coordinator Chris Pelzer said that it was a moving target that changes all the time, however.

There are five main categories that qualifying expenses can fall under including (but not limited to): medical expenses (COVID-19 testing), public health expenses, certain payroll expenses.

A big one was the economic support to businesses which could include grants to small businesses adversely affected by their closing early in the pandemic. . . .

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