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Todd County Board of Commissioners—Work Session: Hiring freeze appears out of the question

by Karin L. Nauber

During the June 7 Todd County Board of Commissioner’s Work Session, a discussion took place on a potential hiring freeze.

The discussion was held at the request of Commissioner Randy Neumann.

“The population [of this county] has not changed in 50 years but the dynamics have changed. We get more calls to law enforcement,” began Neumann.

“For the next two years—we can’t predict what the economy will do. Extra staff will be a burden on taxpayers,” he said.

Chair Rod Erickson said that they had already talked about this.

“I think we already have in place a good system. We can turn down a hire or request [to hire]. I don’t see a need to have this in place. If positions come in that are self-supporting or mandated, they can be filled,” said Erickson. . .


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