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Todd County Board of Commissioners—Work Session: Lake Shamineau comes up again

The flooding on Lake Shamineau is ongoing and has swallowed up numerous homes on the lake. —photo source Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

by Karin L. Nauber

Lake Shamineau, which is located near Motley, came up again at a recent work session held by the Todd County Board of Commissioners.

The lake, which was discussed at a meeting a year or so ago, is still having major capacity problems. However, the focus of the meeting on August 25 was to discuss the inflow into the lake and if there were ways to divert the inflow so that the water problems at the lake did not get worse.

The Todd County Board of Commissioners met with guests from Morrison County—Board Chair Commissioner Mike LeMieur from District 1, County Administrator Deb Gruber, and County Engineer Steve Backowski to look at possible options.

The conversation with the Morrison County folks was focused on creating a path for the water to flow out and away from the lake.

In May of this year, the lake level was 3.1 feet above the ordinary high water level (OHWL).

The Lake Shamineau Lake Improvement District (LID) who had met with the Todd County Commissioners previously, now have an established budget that had been absent the last time they met.

According to the new delegation at this meeting, the LID went with a different route to lower the lake.

The average rainfall over the last six of seven years has been at the top of the rainfall amounts from the past 30 years. That is a lot of water.

The idea that was presented today by Morrison County was an effort to “shut off the faucet” so to speak to get less water flowing into the lake from other sources like ditches and the like.

There are two major drainage ways culverted through County Road 203. . . .



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