Todd County commissioners hold emergency meeting

by Karin L. Nauber

Over a conference call and a live stream broadcast on Youtube, the Todd County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting on Tuesday, March 24. The commissioners discussed the resolution declaring an emergency in the county. After discussion about the resolution which can be found on the county website at:, the board unanimously approved it. There were some concerns shared about the ability of the board chair to declare an emergency, but Coordinator Chris Pelzer cited the statutes which allow this. The entire resolution, she explained, details the steps and actions that can be taken in an emergency. Because the county also has to approve the closing of the government buildings, they wanted to create a resolution that would cover that, as well. Pelzer also explained that the resolution will allow them to track their time for any possible reimbursement from the state. “Things change day by day. The information we receive is changing hour by hour,” said Pelzer. She said they were working to get the most information out and be as transparent as possible. After another question was raised discussing Wadena County’s emergency declaration and the potential one for Douglas County, Pelzer said that the board chair could make this declaration and that the “steps we have taken are correct.” . . . .

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