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Tri-County Health Care receives platinum recognition for their efforts supporting organ donation

A small group gathered at the Garden of Hope on August 20 to celebrate Tri-County Health Care’s platinum recognition for their efforts supporting organ donation. Pictured are Kim Aagard, CFO; Stephanie Larson, heart recipient and RN; Lois Miller, Donation Champion and RN; Tom Pint, chief nursing officer: and Joel Beiswenger, president and CEO.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A small ceremony was held at the Garden of Hope at the Wesley Building in Wadena on August 20 to celebrate the platinum recognition received by Tri-County Health Care (TCHC) for their efforts in promoting organ donation. The award is sponsored by the Health Resources & Services Administration.

To achieve the platinum award, which is the highest level, the criteria are based on points. Points are accumulated through community education activities such as the Wellabrate event, the Donate Life flag raising, and other events sponsored by TCHC.

Due to the pandemic, many of these events were not held this year. Points were still awarded for the programs they had planned.

Several employee connections, including organ recipients and donor families, also inspire the hospital’s efforts.

Heart recipient Stephanie Larson has worked at TCHC since 2003. After having a cardiac arrest in October 2011, at the age of 32, she received a new heart in September 2012. Because of her experience, she continues to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation. . . .



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