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Updates from the Governor

Governor Walz highlighted the state’s distribution of more than four million masks to businesses, their customers and people who are unable to afford a mask or easily obtain one. The masks are being distributed to Chambers of Commerce, city halls, community organizations and other providers across the state, who are then responsible for distributing them to people.

He also announced a plan for $25.8 million in federal CARES Act funding to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and its effects among vulnerable populations.

The funding will be designated for the following five purposes:

• $19 million to support lodging, staffing, isolation space, victim services support, food and personal protective equipment at homeless shelters and to make modest capital improvements to shelters and other spaces to improve their infection control capabilities;

• $4.64 million to establish an “Emergency Temporary Staffing Pool” with staff contracted through third-party staffing agencies available to work at congregate living settings with a COVID-19-related staffing crisis;

• $225,000 to provide necessary funding for MNsure-certified navigators to assist people who need COVID-19 testing, but lack insurance coverage;

• $900,000 to secure on-demand, guaranteed rides for people in vulnerable populations (older adults, people with disabilities, those with underlying conditions, and those experiencing homelessness) who are COVID-19 symptomatic or are positive through a private service provider; and

• $1.06M to provide essential wrap around services to help older Minnesotans stay in their own homes, who without support, would otherwise be at risk of moving to institutional congregate settings, such as a nursing home or an assisted living facility.



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