Verndale City Council MnDOT won’t allow business advertising on digital sign

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on November 13.

(For illustration. Not the actual digital sign.)

Water Project

Cliff Allen with Moore Engineering presented payment number nine for Eagle Construction in the amount of $235,273. Council approved the payment.

Change order number four for $13,017 is to relocate production well number three to north of the old pump house, for steel plate covers for precast plank holes, window glass changes and additional finish trim. Council approved payment.

Allen added they have gone through much of the contingency funds, but they still have some.

Moore Engineering professional services contract, mainly was for finding water for the well, was the amount of $55,836.

Development of water tower plans is underway. They are working on items such as an electrical drop to a neighboring residence and planning an access road. . . .

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