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Verndale Clinic remains closed

Tri-County Health Care has been using the Verndale location as an alternate space for the Wadena Clinic during the pandemic. Alternate uses include conducting specialty physician visits and telehealth visits.

They plan to continue maintaining the Verndale Clinic as a contingency space in the event they need a location that is not otherwise used for potential COVID-19 patients.

This plan ensures the building has zero or minimal exposure to the infection, making it an ideal location to care for their most sensitive and immune-compromised patients such as obstetrics, cancer care, etc.

Another factor is that their provider in Verndale, Macayla Lindenfelser, left just as COVID hit. The timing of that change worked with the alternate use strategy. The recruitment of a replacement has been deferred until the pandemic concludes.

That is the plan for an indefinite period of time and into the future. It will depend on the needs of their patients and region throughout the ongoing pandemic and state/national emergency declarations.



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