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Verndale School Board Enrollment is at 560

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on November 4.

Committee Reports

Board Member Scott Veronen shared the Freshwater Education report and Jerry Nesland turned in his resignation for June 30 at Freshwater Education.

Shyla Hess discussed the Family Services Collaborative meeting. She also talked about the new statewide vaping data. A representative from MAHUBE-OTWA discussed the communities involved in the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) programs and adding more presentations and training more presenters. Funding was approved for a program that will screen students for personality traits to reduce drug and alcohol use and behavioral misconduct.

Administrative Reports

Activities Director/Dean of Students Greg Johnson shared the football team ended with an 8-2 season, volleyball ended with an 8-20 record and Madi Snyder will compete in swimming sectionals on November 7.

Winter sports will begin this month. Junior high boys basketball has begun. An application has been submitted to the Minnesota State High School League foundation for a grant.

Congratulated Football Coach Mike Mahlen on his 400 wins.

Superintendent Paul Brownlow added it was remarkable for Mahlen to stay in the same district for 51 years. He commended Mahlen on his legacy and impact on the students.

“He’s a ferocious competitor,” said Brownlow. “It’s quite a legacy that he’s left and it’s neat to be part of that here in Verndale.”....



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