Volleyball and football return to the fall season

The Minnesota State High School League’s Board of Directors approved a reconsideration placement of fall activities, a decision that brings football and volleyball back to the fall season.

The plan, which fits within COVID-19 guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health, will have an approved football season beginning on September 28 with the first of six regular-season games scheduled for the week of October 5. Since September 14, member schools have had the option of participating in fall training sessions. In the framework that was adopted by the board of directors, a planned two-week football postseason will begin the week of November 16.

Volleyball will begin an 11-week season on September 28 and member schools may play their first matches on October 8. In the framework that was approved by the board, two weeks of postseason play would begin the week of November 30. Like football, member schools have had the option of participating in voluntary training sessions since September 14.

At current, guidelines would allow 250 fans at football games, but none at volleyball games. Another board meeting will be held on October 1 and things could change.

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