Wadena County Board of Commissioners Commissioners will stay put...for now

by Karin L. Nauber


The Wadena County Board of Commissioners will be staying put, at least for the time being rather than moving their meetings to the Wadena City Council Chambers.

An agreement was drafted by the city of Wadena for the use of their chambers for the commissioner meetings. A fee of $100 per month would be charged for the use of the room.

This information was presented by County Coordinator/Engineer Ryan Odden. He said that they would be able to use a storage closet there, as well.

Each commissioner weighed in on the subject of moving their meetings to the city chambers.

Part of the issue is that the room they meet in presently is part of the court system and, as was the case of this meeting, they had to be out of the room by a certain time to allow a court hearing to take place there.

Commissioner Charles Horsager said that he was fine where they were and that he had no arguments on continuing to meet in the small courtroom.

Commissioner Sheldon Monson said that the room at the city hall was very functional and they could enjoy ease of access there as well as not experiencing conflicts with trials.

Chief Deputy Joseph Schoon felt that because many of the county offices were here (in the court building) that it was more feasible for the staff to come here and then be able to easily go back to work.

He also felt that security could be an issue.

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