Wadena County Commissioners: County receives CARES Act funds, church school may host court

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on July 7.

CARES Act Funding

Wadena County submitted an application for CARES Act funding on June 26 to the Department of Revenue. The county received the funding on July 2 in the amount of $1,692,093.

Auditor/Treasurer Heather Olson explained they were given six pages of guidance on what the funds can be used for, including expenses for the past four months.

The funding is not to be used for capital asset purchases, unless it is to mitigate Covid-19 expenses.

“You cannot use the money to better the county,” explained Olson. “It has to be Covid related.”

The funds can be used for some payroll, for those with a substantial change to their job to work on Covid related items. They cannot use the funds to give a property tax break.

Commissioner Jon Kangas wished to see the funds used to help small businesses that had to close due to the pandemic.

“I believe we can help out some of the businesses. I personally don’t think the county is hurting that bad because of this,” said Kangas.

Olson agreed, saying the county hasn’t had too many expenses. She suggested forming a committee to assist businesses. . . .

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