Wadena County Commissioners discuss County Ditch 6, COVID numbers and meeting transcripts

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on October 6.

County Ditch 6 project

Ryan Odden, the county coordinator/engineer, said meetings were held by the highway department on County Ditch 6 in February and June after concerns were brought forward by property owners. The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office used their drone to fly the length of the ditch and discovered approximately 10 beaver dams that needed to be removed.

Garrett Ballantine of Aldrich quoted $100 per beaver and $100 per dam, for a total anticipated project cost of $4000. Owners have already sent in checks to back up the project as they are eager to get it going.

Kevin Fellbaum, county ditch inspector and engineer for Otter Tail County, explained the redetermination of benefits process to have ditch viewers look at each parcel in the watershed and how the parcels benefit from having that county ditch in place and functional.

Fellbaum said that is the fairest way to do it for property owners because it would be assessed based on a percentage. The average cost is $30,000. He added the cost Odden received is cheap and suggested moving forward. If this continues to be an issue, then they could do a redetermination of benefits to set up a maintenance fund levied against the property owners. . .

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